Description :

A Warping 3D procedural texture,
Based on Domain Warping notes from Inigo Quilez.

Warping is a set of various ways to combine Fractal Brownian Motion (FBM),
combining colors as well, mainly used as 2D textures, they are implemented here as full 3D procedural.

-Apply as procedural texture to surface color, bump channel or any other texture channel.

Usage :

-Select "Smoke I","Smoke II","Swirl Smoke","Turbulence","Fluid I","Fluid II","Fluid III",
"Alabaster","Corroded" or "Rust-Marble".
Of course those names don't reflect all possible usages, depending how the texture is set and applied
against a black or white background, with pure luminosity or diffusion/specularity.

-Two Colors may be blended with different methods, classic "Mixing" or more complicated "Mixture",
with "Mixture", Colors may be inversed in tone and intensity.

-All types have a "Frequency" for increasing details, "Offset" for animating and "Seed".

-There's no blending Color with "Swirl Smoke", has also specific "Swirl" ans Steps" parameters.

-"Corroded" has a special "Color Shift" parameter used with "Mixture" blending,
this add spectral colors to grey (Colors set to white and black).

-Note: Bump is often unusable with high octaves/frequency texture type.