Description :

A Dripping 2D procedural texture,
Based on a Tristan Michael and Huw Bowles shaders.

Usage :

-Apply as procedural texture to surface color, bump channel or any other texture channel,
also as Alpha channel for just masking another dirty noise.

-Select "Drips","Drops" or "Overflow" type.

-Adjust "Frequence", "Amplitude","Drip Density", "Drip Distance" and "Drip Length"
for both "Drips" and "Drops", some parameter like "Drip Length" has a different behavior
a lesser effect for "Drops" type.

"Frequence" and "Amplitude" parameters obviously interact each other.

-You may modify the bump channel with "Shaded" "Drips" or "Drops" mode with the Amplitude parameter.

-Adjust just "Frequence" and "Modulation" parameters for "Overflow" type.

-Use "Time Offset" for animating the whole "Drips" and "Overflow" and falling drops of "Drops",
while "Drop Speed" can be modified separately.

-These effects are smoothed, but another "Displacement Texture" noise may alter them for realism.