Relief Map

Description :

-Relief Map Node Demo for enhanced parallax effect.

-Works currently with a Normal map 32 bits image (in tangent space)
with depth map stored in alpha channel, selected/loaded in the node panel.

-The Shift input can be used for displacing the Relief Map along the
surface normal, a possible fix for border/gap artefacts with atlas UV-Map.

-"Sampling" is relative to spot size, but may be increased/decreased,
ranged values between 10 and 50 steps.

-An Color image could be added to be displaced,
Diffuse color output must be connected to "Diffuse Shading" with
included Specular in node Root, Color image can be 24 bits or 32 bits
with alpha, which will be also displaced and output as scalar
(i.e for transparency, reflection amount).

-"Self-Shadows" are basic "hard shadows" and in some cases have weirdness,
shadows color not supported but shadows level can be decreased.
Received shadows are warped but could be partially wrong on the side.

-Procedural textures and Image maps can be input in this node.
Height becomes the depth layer and Bump is converted as normal inside
the node (Depth Map (Height) can be inverted in the panel to match
bumping data).
External Procedural UV mapping can be actived as limited experimental
feature by selecting also "UV Map" as Mapping in the Relief Map panel.

-An Scalar input can be processed like above alpha embedded channel,
for scalar output.

-Normal and depth channel from inputs and panel cannot be mixed.

-Refract and Reflect color output are for "Refract Shading" and
"Reflect Shading", be aware to decrease "Ray recursion level" before
rendering, but even they will be very slow and have artifacts on flat

-Relief Map Node is located in DP Kit/Shaders folder.




References :

-Based on Fabio Policarpo's Relief Mapping algorithm.