Install notes:

If you have installed earlier single plugin version of these nodes
on your system, you should remove them before adding DP Kit plugin,
because some nodes have different plugin name and could appear twice
in the node list (Layer Plus and Mapping/2D Projection nodes).

Objects/scenes/surfaces/presets saved with previous single versions of
these nodes could fail with this new version.

Node Editors and their dedicated nodes can be downloaded on their
documentation page (LW9.0->LW10.1), see at the bottom of the menu.

A separate zip contains this doc and a few files and images samples.

Thanks to Michael Wolf for Earlier Mac CFM and UB compiles.
UB are for Intel and PPC, 32-bit requires at least OSX 10.4, 64-bit at least 10.5 .
Thanks to Marvin Landis for the earlier win64 compiles.




DP Kit versions for LW9.0->LW9.5:

Download for LW9.0/9.31 (Win32)
(updated 09/15/11)

Download for LW9.0/9.31 (Win64)
(updated 08/20/09)

Download (Mac CFM)
(updated 02/13/09)


DP Kit versions for LW9.6->LW10.1:

Download (Win32)
(updated 01-20-16)

Download (Win64)
(updated 01-20-16)

Download (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit)
(updated 06/19/14)


DP Kit versions for LW11,
compatible with LW Unified Sampling (for AO, Reflections...):

Download (Win32)
(updated 07/15/21)

Download (Win64)
(updated 07/15/21)

Download (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit)
(updated 07/15/21)


DP Kit version for LW2018:
(see readme file for removed and modified nodes).

Download (Win64)
(updated 07/15/21)

Download (Mac UB 64-bit)
(updated 07/15/21)



Global_AO_Buffer Python Script for LW2018+ 
Batch settings of Amb Occlusion node for all surfaces, output to a Custom Buffer.

Download version 1.2
(updated 09/17/19)


Download documentation and samples   DP_Kit_Doc&
(updated 11/23/20)


These plugins are freeware but donations are appreciated, thanks.






Copyright © 2006-2021 Denis Pontonnier.