Light plugin
LightWave3D 9.5 -> 2020

-DP Light is a collection of additional lights for LightWave3D 9.5 and its new Light API,
these lights have ray traced soft shadows, allowing surface transparency and color filter,
compatible with Lightwave radiosity/caustics and shadow buffer.

-Including current Lightwave Light parameters such as the Basic Illumination Options,
Shadow Color and Object Exclusion, the Lightwave Light Intensity and Color are the final
multiplier and filter for this Lights, some of them use also the classic Falloff/Range panel.

-Most of them have their own Colour Temperature sub-panel with pre-defined Lamp Types
or a Colour Temp input with a Kelvin to RGB conversion system (1000 to 20000 K).

-All these lights have their own icon in the layout opengl views.

-The parameters of each light are registered in the Instanced Scene Editor, as several banks
in the Light group.
These columns/cells are accessible when a DP Light is loaded in the scene and they are
persistent during a Layout session.
Available light parameters are fully controllable with immediate update, like in the
Light panel, it is also possible to switch between LW Classic, New Lights and DP Lights.
This works with a large selection of Light items in the scene, for batch modification,
light type switching or data file loading.

-Parameters of each light can also be accessed by a Lscript (see
for reading or writing value in another batch process type.

-Optimized for the new LW 9.5 nodes/shaders, lights take account of the surface normal.
-Compatible with external renderers, if they have been updated for Lightwave 9.5.

-DP Light 11 has a switch for compatibility with the LW Unified Sampling.

-DP Light 2018-2020 have a single sample input, several have a Normalized option,
neutralizing Light size, extended node editor with Blur amount and Focus distance,
all lights are visible by camera and have volumetric (with global Volumetric Scattering activated),
Custom Light has a GetMaterial option for surface BSDF emission.









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