DP Tree Tool
Modeler interactive plugin (LW8+)
A part of Verdure Pack


Poly-Area Tree generator.


DP Tree Manual




-Poly-Area Tree generator.

-Work with geometry in background layer and an empty foreground layer.

-Press "n" on your keyboard to get plugin panel and "space" to close plugin.

-The background polygons reference defines
the shape of the tree,
all polygons must have more than two points,
subD polygons are evaluated as cage polygons.

-Tip of branches are distributed by Tree on the background,
branches above the defined "Trunk Height", start near this top point, below this level, others branches start along the trunk.

-For more branch mesh junctions, you may find a balance
with "Branch Number", "Segment Number",
"Junction Level" and "Branch Gathering"

-The base of the trunk is always centered on ground.

-A background plane doesn't react like an entire or partial sphere.




-Reset all settings to default values.

Add Preset :
-All Tree settings values can be stored in a LightWave Preset.

Render :
-Choose "Line", "Polygon" or "SubD" mode for rendered tree.
Line tree can be used for building a skelegon in Modeler.

Interactive Tree :
-Automatic update when a parameter is changed in the panel, slow with Mesh Render and a large amount of branches.

MakeTree :
-Manual update with new parameters, if Interactive mode is unchecked.



Branch Number :
-Branch quantity must be set in relation with some
few other parameters, to get enough junctions.

-This change random numbers to make a different tree.

Segment Number :
-You can increase this number, to get more branch-junctions,
segment number can be reduced after path calculations
with "Segment Filter".(See in More Panel)

SubSegment :
-Subdivide each branch segment for changing the overall look of tree, without modifications in branch junction.
-SubSegments can also be reduced after path calculations.

Branch Deviation (Deg):
-Branch Angle Deviation for changing direction randomly.

Trunk Deviation (Deg):
-Trunk Angle Deviation for changing direction randomly.

Trunk to top
-Trunk is oriented to the top of the tree shape, if it is unchecked, upper part of the trunk can be oriented toward a lower/side point.

Bending Trunk
-Trunk can be bended toward its orientation even if the background shape of the tree is homogeneous and centered.
Combined with "Trunk to top" unchecked, it gives a more chaotic tree, changing seed help to get very different trees.

Trunk Height (%) :
-Height of the trunk in relation with highest polygon in the background layer.
-This is also the limit for upper branches and lower branches start below this target. -If the BG shape is not centered or totally unbalanced, increasing the trunk height could give a better tree.

Shift Branch Start (%) :
-Add a random variation in the upper and lower branches distribution, along trunk.

Gravity :
-Positive or negative value applied mainly for starting branches.

Full Length Gravity
-More gravity for lower branches on their full length, this is related to the trunk height.
A lower "Segment Variation" can reduce straightness of branches near the trunk (See in More Panel).

Start Trunk Radius (m) :
-Trunk radius above roots, for the polygon mesh of tree, optimized for subD.

Main Branch Radius (%) :
-Radius of main mesh branches coming directly from the trunk, percent value relative to Trunk Radius.

Other Branch Radius (%) :
-Radius of mesh sub-branches, relative to the main branch radius.

End Branch Radius (m) :
-Radius for branch tips and branchlets, estimated for subD tree.

Trunk connection :
-Mesh Connection for main branches to the trunk.
-With a lot of branches, the mesh of trunk may be distorted at some place, -Lower branches may stay unconnected and go directly into ground.

Simpler Trunk :
-Decrease the segment number for the trunk, affects also the min angle in the Segment Filter, if Trunk Connection is checked.
-Simpler Trunk has no twist effect, if branches are not connected.

Trunk Number:
-Multiply the number of trunks, trunk geometry is related to the branches, the main radius is applied to the mesh of the trunk with the greater quantity of branches, then it is decreased for the others.
Multi-trunk trees are compatible with Growth plugin.

Trunk Separation:
-First trunk is always centered, but others can be separated with their own roots.



End Branch Shift (m) :
-Random positive or negative distance for branch tips, move them above or under background shape.

Align To BG Normal (%) :
-Background Polygon normal influence for Branch orientation.

Branch Distribution :
0% -> Uniform Distribution of end branches on background geometry.
100% -> Max random deviation for branches.
-If you get bad Distribution, try also another "Seed" value.

Iteration :
-More random deviations for "Branch Distribution", or relaxation if the "Branch Distribution" is set to zero.

Segment Variation (%):
Modify the Segment length along branches.
100% -> Equal Segment length.
50% -> Start Branches (near trunk) have smallest Segment length.
200% -> End Branches (finest) have smallest Segment length.

Branch Gathering :
-Kind of global attraction between branches, increasing branch junctions probability.

Junction Start (%) :
-Start Distance for Junction evaluation, from the end to the start (trunk) of the branch.
-Set to 0% = full junction.
-Set to 100% = no junction.

Junction Limit (%) :
-Limit for maximum angle and maximum length of branch segments, for testing branch junction.

Same Level Only
-Branch junction is testing only at segment level, if not checked, there are possibility of junction at different segment level.

Segment Min Angle (deg) :
-Following Segments with less than this minimum angle are merged.

Segment Filter Level :
-Number of successive Segment Filter reduction process.

Weight Fineness
-Vertex weight map value of relative branch radius (0 % -> +100 %),
Max Weight value can be adjusted.
Set a value of 250% for a full effect with Growth plugin.

Weight Segment
-Vertex weight map value of relative segment level (-100 % -> +100 %),
Max Weight value can be modified.

Custom Vertex Map
-Custom weight map value of vector and density.

These maps can be used for further foliage evaluations by DP Foliage Tool plugin
( default vertex weight maps work well in common cases ).

Note :

-Vertex UV Map settings are optimized for subpatched polygons.

Normalize UV Map
-Vertical normalization for UV Map.



Roots Number :
-A minimum of 4 roots must be input to get geometry, 0 means no roots.
-Roots radius is decreased with higher "Roots Number".

Roots Length (m) :
-Roots Length for first Roots segment ( random variation ).

Roots Gravity
-Always positive.

Roots Deviation (deg) :
-Root Angle Deviation for changing direction randomly.

Branchlets :
-Branchlets are fine young branches added to the main and sub branches.
-With Up, Down, Right/Left, Side and All the branchlet direction can be defined, -Branchlet radius is the same than "End Branch Radius".

Coverage :
-Percent of Branch covered by Branchlets.

-Variation of Branchlet distribution along the covered branches.

Custom Length :
-Segment Branchlet length is currently the same than the sub-segment of the Branch length, with Custom Length the total length of the branchlet for any location is defined by user.

Segment Number :
-Number of segments for each branchlet.





Copyright © Denis Pontonnier 2012.