DP Growth
Layout displacement plugin (LW8+)
A part of Verdure Pack


DP Growth Manual


-For animating the growth of mesh trees.

-Works with tree generated by DP Tree, TreeCage Lscript (free)
or Hypergrover (free) Modeler plugins.

-Object must be mapped with weight values, ranged from 0% to 100%,
weight value for base/ground points set to 0% to define start of the
animation and number of points to be shifted by segment.

-Select Growth as Displacement Plugin.
-Animate the "Growth Factor" with its envelope (0 -> 100%).
-Select the Weight Map.
-Growth can be controlled by "Weight", "Segment" or "Length"
-"Scale Factor" is for decreasing thickness of each segment at
growth start, growth end scale factor is always 100%.

-Growth works only with polygons.
-SubD Object must be set to "Last Subdivision order" in Geometry Panel.
-Morph Mixer can be added for nice deformation during growth.
-Objects with Growth plugin and modified in Modeler, need to be re-scanned.

-To animate the complete growth of a tree made with DP Tree plugin,
set the "Branch-Fineness" weight map to something like 250%.





Copyright © Denis Pontonnier 2012.