DP Foliage Tool
Modeler interactive Plugin (LW8+)
A part of Verdure Pack


Poly-Area Foliage generator.


DP Foliage Manual




-Poly-Area Foliage generator.

-This tool works on polygons in foreground layer.

-Press "n" on your keyboard to get plugin panel
and "space" to close plugin.

Polygons area is used by default to cover the whole mesh
with leaves, but Foliage can also use points
Weight Map value as density information.

-Foliage can take informations from trees made with
DP Tree Tool, like "Weight Fineness", "Weight Segment",
Density Weight Map and "Custom Vertex Map",
for better distribution.

-If you select some polygons in modeler, before launching
Foliage, only selected polygons will be covered.



-Reset all settings to default values.

Add Preset :
-All Foliage settings values can be stored in a LightWave Preset.

Preview Number :
-A moderated "Preview Number" is recommended for high polygons quantity.

MakeFoliage :
-Render Foliage geometry.



Leaves Number :
-Quantity of Leaves geometry rendered with "MakeFoliage" button.

-This change random numbers to make a different Foliage.

Density Weight Map :
-If you select a Density Weight Map, Foliage will use this
Weight Map as density values for covering foreground's polygons.
-Without Density Weight Map, Foliage cover is only based upon
foreground's polygons area.

-Any Density Weight Map can be used as DP Tree Weight Map,
note that modeler's map list is global, so foreground polygons
are not necessary mapped with the selected Weight Map.

Get Weight Map
-With a selected "Density Weight Map", leaves can inherit
Weight Map density values from polygons.

Map Coverage % :
-With a selected "Density Weight Map", and Map Coverage
set to less than 100%, polygons with no or null Weight Map
density value will also be covered with leaves.

Leaves Distribution :
0% -> Uniform Distribution.
100% -> Max random deviation for leaves.

-If you get bad Distribution, try another "Seed" value.
-Note that Density Weight Map is modified by random deviations.

Iteration :
-More random deviations for "Leaves Distribution", or relaxation if the "Leaves Distribution" is set to zero.

Leaf Type :
Build' in leaves

-Tri-Leaves, a triangle.
-Quad-Leaves, a quad.
-2*Tri-Leaves, two triangles.
-2*Quad-Leaves, two quads.
-3*Tri-Leaves, three triangles.

-A custom leaf shape can also be used, if it is placed on a selected background layer.
The leaf mesh must be placed on ground, aligned on Z+ axe.
Vertex Weight Map, UV Map and Endomorph Map will be copied
in leaves.

Leaf Length :
-Length for build' in leaves.

Leaf Width :
-Width for build' in leaves.

Leaf Scale % :
-Global Scale for all leaves.

+/- :
-Add positive or negative random variation for "Leaf Scale".

Bend By Altitude
-Below Pitch rotation is set in relation with foreground
polygons altitude.
Lower polygons have more bending leaves.

Size By Polygon
-Leaf Scale "+/-" is set in relation with foreground
polygons area.
Polygons with smaller area have smaller leaves.

Min Leaf Bend (deg) :
-Minimum Pitch angle for random leaves rotation.
You can use a negative value.

Max Leaf Bend (deg) :
-Maximum Pitch angle for random leaves rotation.
You can use a negative value.

Max Leaf Twist (deg) :
-Maximum Bank angle for random (positive or negative)
leaves rotation.

Get Segment Level    (DP Tree option !)

-DP Tree custom Vertex Map that store branch
"Segment Level" is used as density information.

Get Segment Vector    (DP Tree option !)
-DP Tree custom Vertex Map that store branch "Segment
Vector", is used to correct leaves orientation.

Add Packed UV
-Each leaf UV Map is reduced and randomly placed in a grid.
So each leaf can take different color from Texture mapping.
This option works also with custom leaf.

Grid Level :
-Number of row/column for "Packed UV" grid.

Sort UV Map    (DP Tree option !)
-With "Add Packed UV" and "Get Segment Level" checked,
Foliage sort each leaf UV Map in the grid,
So leaves attached to end-branches take color from Top
Texture mapping.

Morph Poses
-With custom leaf shape placed in background layer,
and "Morph Poses" checked, leaves can take randomly
various shape among all accessible endomorph for this leaf.
In this case Endomorph Vertex Map will not be re-written
in leaves.
-Note : Morph vmap must be set to "(base)" to prevent
confusion with custom leaf shape.







Copyright © Denis Pontonnier 2012.