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TreeCage version 1.5

Lscript Modeler
LightWave (& Lscript )versions compatibility :
New version 1.5 : 7.0b(2.4), 7.5 (2.5), 7.5b (2.6).
Earlier version 1.1 : 5.6c (1.4.11), 6.5b (2.2.2).

What's new since v 1.1

Description :

-Parametric Tree-Creator with large variability.
-A TreeCage is a low-res 3D Mesh Tree, this minimal box system can be subpatched to produce hi-res Tree.

-TreeCage use Lsystem-like algorithm, to control branch division and branch orientation throw iteration. With TreeCage's polygon-extrusion system, you get one single seamless mesh for any tree.
Parametric trees are regular, but become "chaotic" like natural tree with some random variations, certainly it can't cover all natural tree species.

-UVMap (for tilable seamless texture) and "Fineness" WeightMap, "Leave" or "Cluster" cloning for Foliage.

-TreeCage generate looping "Random Sequence" in option, random variation are frozen and trees with same parameters will be identical.

-According to cpu speed, some heavy options and high octave
may produce
very long computing time.

Manual :

-All detailed parameter explanations online TreeCage Manual v 1.0, or download zip file..

What's new since v 1.1 :

-TreeCage is open source now, for more reliability.

-Tab Interface is more practical, TreeCage temporary file is always loaded, but there is a "Reset" button
to retrieve Default parameters.

-Added Line Render.

-TreeCage's algorithm hasn't been changed, but code has been rewrited,
process are separated, and faster.

When you press OK button :

First step : Internal pre-calculation.
Second step : Mesh tree building (Lines or Polygons).

-Added a kind of "Preview mode" :

A panel ask you for going back in TreeCage, or keep TreeCage result.

If you choose "Lines" this panel ask you for building tree "Polygons" with same pre-calculation,.

Because TreeCage has a modal panel you will need to "Fit to screen" in Modeler, after a first test, to get benefit of the "Preview" mode.
"Random Sequence" mode may be usefull.

You can also Toggle Subpatch with Polygon-Tree.

If you press "Cancel" button Final steps below are ignored.

Final steps (optionals) :

One or two vertex-map, UVmap for "Polygons" only.
Foliage "Leaves" or "Clusters".

You can see a progress bar below Modeler, for each step.
Because UV-map are not always usefull,you can abort (ESC) this step for last small branches, but you get completed mesh and partial UV-map.

-With earlier TreeCage file using "Break" options, you will get different result in version 1.5, even with same "Random Sequence".

-Morph options are been removed, but you can animate TreeCage's object with new Growing_TreeCageDM.lsc, lscript displace in layout.

-Foliage is inchanged. With "Foliage file" mode and "Preview" you can keep Foliage result or go back in TreeCage without have to reload Foliage File. A "Close" button has been added to quit "Foliage file" mode.

-"Random Sequences" are always loaded, when exist in a Treecage file.

-About LW 8.5, it seems that lscript doesn't accept "" degre symbol, to fix this, replace them in a text editor by a dummy character such as "*" (thanks to Phil for report).

Download :

New version 1.5 : ( 23 k ) ( updated 01/13/05 ) ( 23 k )( updated 01/13/05 ) ( 24 k ) ( updated 01/13/05 ) ( 5 k )

Earlier version 1.1 : ( 21 k ) ( updated 04/11/03 ) ( 22 k ) ( updated 01/07/05 ) ( 245 k ) ( not updated since v 1.0 )




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