Texture Plugin for LightWave 3D

SVG Map Texture
LightWave 3D 7.5 to 9+


Description :

-A SVG Map Texture for mapping textures with 2D vector files.

-In a texture layer, select Procedural, then "SVG Map" in the list,
select a SVG file.
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a 2D vector format exported
by the free Inkscape application.

-"MipMap Averaging" option gives a precise resolution of the
vector texture.

-"Interpolation" option enables pixel bilinear interpolation.

-Set the "Max Memory" to use (in megabytes, '0' means no limit).

-Adjust Mapping parameter like in a classic Image Mapping texture.


Notes :

-Does not support most of the more complex features of SVG, like text,
gradients, patterns, filters or animation.

-Text converted to curves can be drawn as any other stroked or filled
path (Inkscape shortcut for Text to Curves: ctrl+shift+c).

-The bounding box for the path points is used to fit the drawing inside
the texture, centered. So a drawing may not touch exactly all the
texture borders.

References :

-Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a W3C standard

-This node is based on 'Vectex' Blender texture plugin
by Marcelo de Gomensoro Malheiros,
It uses the Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) library
by Maxim Shemanarev
and Expat XML Parser library.

-Thanks to Scott Blencowe aka 'RedBull' for suggestions and testing.





Download texture (Win32) SVGMapTexture_x32.zip
(updated 03/15/09)
Download texture (Win64) SVGMapTexture_x64.zip
(updated 05/29/20)
Download texture (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit) SVGMapTexture_UB.zip
(updated 05/29/20)

Download node (Win32) SVGMapNode_x32.zip

Download node (Win64) SVGMapNode_x64.zip

Download node (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit) SVGMapNode_UB.zip


Download node 2018 version (Win64) SVGMapNode_2018_x64.zip
(updated 05/29/20)
Download node 2018 version (Mac UB 64-bit) SVGMapNode_2018_UB.zip
(updated 05/29/20)


SVGMap Texture sources:
-AGG Anti-grain sources
-Expat XML Parser library


These plugins are freeware but donations are appreciated, thanks.



Copyright © 20209 Denis Pontonnier. Denis.Pontonnier@wanadoo.fr