Intel/Mac texture plugin
LightWave3D 7.5, 9.6 , 2015 &2018

RenderMan shader ports as Lightwave texture channel (T) shader ,
modified and enhanced for versatile layered composite texturing.
A few ones doesn't come from RenderMan but use same shading functions.
All textures are now included in one plugin file.

Textures are available for surface, clip map, displacement, hypervoxels surface channel,
some of them (3D) are available for hypervoxels volume.
Because Lightwave Texture plugins can only access to current point coordinates,
they can't be directly mapped in "Cubic" or "UV" projection.

All this textures are also available as nodes for Lightwave3D 9,
without mapping limitations for 2D textures.

Thanks to Marvin Landis for his precious help ( Author of Rapt plugin ).









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