Camera Plugin for LightWave 3D

RadialShift Camera
Camera plugin
LightWave 3D 9.3+
Coded by Denis Pontonnier.
Earlier x64 version compiled by Marvin Landis.
Earlier Mac UB version compiled by Michael Wolf.
UB are for Intel and PPC, 32-bit requires at least OSX 10.4, 64-bit at least 10.5 .


Description :

-Simulate Real Camera + Lens distortion,
with Helmut Dersch's (Panotools) calibration datas.

This is for optical systems which are not listed in the Lightwave ACT2
Real Lens Camera.
A Photo or Video Camera with single or even a zoom lens can be modelized with
datas coming from a pre-made lens profile or calibrated by user himself in
an external application (see the end of this page for links).
A calibration is processed with several images of a grid frame, through various
angles, for a given focale length.

"This polynomial approach is never exact, but can give a pretty good
approximation to the real behaviour of a given lens."

Usage :

-Set the original Camera Focale Length.

-Like for Real Lens Cameras, the height of the Sensor/film must be correctly set in the Camera panel.
Must be corrected also by the Multiplier also named the crop factor.

-For more than one calibrated focale (zoom), enable "Fractionnal Frame"
in Layout General Options and use envelopes,
then in the Graph Editor, put the focale (mm) in the Frame Input,
enter each radial Distorsion as value.

-With "Load Lens Profile File" Button, a single lens profile ASCII file
can be loaded to fill directly polynomial data, works with multi
calibrated focales (zoom) with envelope key shapes set to "Linear".

Name of profile:
group: nikon4500

Then each calibrated focale (required)
must be written like this:
"cal_abc:" focale(mm) (a)R1 (b)R2 (c)R3

Calibration for photogrammetry exports different k1 & k2 intrinsic values,
because they use film coordinates instead of normalized coordinates,
for rescaling the distorsion parameters, visit forum, read software faqs,
Panotools doc...



Download (Win32)
(updated 01/13/17)
Download (Win64)

(updated 01/13/17)
Download (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit)

(updated 06/11/19)


These plugins are freeware but donations are appreciated, thanks.


Distorsion correction and calibration links :

-Helmut Dersch's Panotools (if this link is broken, search a mirror site).
-Hugin software and PTLens database.
-PTGui commercial with trial.
-Correcting lens distortion with PTGui by Erik Krause.
-Bible Pro commercial with trial and PTLens database.







Copyright © 2019 Denis Pontonnier.