Displacement Plugins for LightWave 3D

All plugins below coded by Denis Pontonnier.
Earlier Mac UB versions compiled by Michael Wolf.
UB are for Intel and PPC, 32-bit requires at least OSX 10.4, 64-bit at least 10.5 .
Earlier x64 versions compiled by Marvin Landis.

Nodes versions of this plugins are included in the DP Kit module.

DP Motion Designer
Displacement plugins
LightWave3D 8.5 & 9.0+

-DP Motion Designer is a Motion Designer Pack including the following
displacement point cache or animation readers,
(know that "DP Motion Data" could be a good name too, but the
Motion Designer was the first coded format and most used in Lightwave)

MDD Pointer , LW 'mdd' format streaming,
baked displacement, Motion Designer, Soft Body and ClothFX.
MDD MetaPointer , LW format streaming,
same 'mdd' files, fits any Mesh object to "Cage Object" displacement,
no need matching point index.
BDD Player , LW 'bdd' HardFX format, rigid body,
not streaming.
PC2 Pointer , 3DSMax 'pc2' format streaming.
(see other plugins links in this page below)
MCC Pointer , Maya 'xml'/'mcc' format streaming, compatible with 'mcx' (64 bits indices),
one mc file or multi-files mc files, works only with regular frames
. and 'positions' channel.

MDD Emitter , LW 'mdd' format streaming,
exported by Particle Scan, including particle size and life infos.
MCC Emitter , Maya 'xml'/'mcc' format streaming,
multi-files mc files, multi-channel, position, rotation, scale.

Pointcache Scan , for baking frozen points of an object,
including subpatched mesh, between start and end preview frames,
for saving MDD, PC2, MCC/MCX one or multi files.

BDD Scan, rigid body baker, exports in LW 'bdd' for multi-parts objects,
and in LW 'mot' format for single-part object, no scaling.

Particle Scan , for baking LW Particle System,
exports in LW 'pfx', 'mdd' and 'mcc'(per frame) format, ,
'mdd' format included particle size and life infos.



While 'streaming', Pointers read data from the file only per frame,
instead of storing the whole file in RAM memory.
frame updating is slower, but scene loading is faster.

Object position, rotation, scaling transformation with "KeyMove On".
"Start" time to begin animation.
"Speed" multiplier, positive or negative.
"End Behavior" choice, "Stop", "Repeat", "Oscillate", "Reset".
"Scale" factor for displacement data.
"Linear Interpolation" or "Spline" (except MDD MetaPointer).

"Mapped Time" for time warping effect with an enveloppe.

-In MDD MetaPointer "After Deformation" must be checked after Mesh object
transformations except if "Animated" is checked, in this case the object
is updated for each frame.

-For other Particle Scan infos see the standalone version below.


Maya, Houdini or Blender have PC2 conversion tools for this format.

Cache Modifier for Max (John Burnetts):
PointCache Tools for Maya:
PointCache Tools for XSI:
Script for Blender:


-With Particle Scan, always calculate Dynamics, with emitter preview only
Particle Scan could failed to complete its process.

-Baked MDD file can't be played as displacement with the exported LWO file
stack of point-polys or directly with the MDD Emitter Custom Object plugin.

-For MDD used a displacement, in most situation enter the emitter center
for the "Limb/Dead Position".

Particle Scan limitations :

Third party particle emitters have different code and behavior,
as we know, ParticleScan is not compatible with Napalm and there
are a few minor missed particles with RealFlow.
Save your scene before using this plugin, it is tricky and
you could get Layout critical error or crash.


Download DP MD Pack (Win32)
  (updated 05/29/20)
Download DP MD Pack (Win64)
  (updated 05/29/20)
Download DP MD Pack (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit)
  (updated 05/29/20)


These plugins are freeware but donations are appreciated, thanks.






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