Lscript And Plugin Development For LightWave
By Denis Pontonnier.

Last update : 01/01/19.

A trial of the Lightwave 3D software, can be downloaded on the Newtek site here.
Some usefull infos and free tutorials on the Lightwiki site.


List and descriptions of tools, first coded for 3D works and TV product visual effects, since year 2000,
free research for optimizing modeling and animation work in Lightwave 3D.

*.ls are Lscripts Macros ( LightWave Internal Script Language ).
*.p are C compiled Plugins ( Dynamic Link Library ).
( Public ) are free Lscripts or Plugins to Download ( go to linked pages ).
( Public & Source ) are free and open sources.
( Interactive Tool ) are Modeler Integrated Tools ( almost realtime ).

Lscripts are platform independent, coded and tested on Intel PC.
Plugins are mainly available for Windows 32bit PC (x32).

Richard Brak ported Shifter plugin to Mac.
RmanCollect, RmanNodeCollect, Sunsky and DP Kit
were compiled for Win64 by Marvin Landis,
and for Mac OSX and Universal Binary by Michael Wolf.
Cushion, RadialShift Cameras and MDD_Pointer
have been compiled for Win64 by Marvin Landis.

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Most used freely downloadable plugins links are on the Home page,
or read the whole list of plugins with a short description, below.

Modeler Tools:
Modeler Tools:
Trees, Foliage, Weed

Layout Handlers:
Procedural Textures
Nodes Collection

Conversion Utilities:
Poser to LightWave



Modeler Tools ( Public ) -> Calculate Astro-bodies motions in Solar system. -> Batch-Calculate Astro-minor-bodies motions in Solar system. ( Public & Source ) -> SubDivided Tree maker.

Based upon Pawel Olas basic idea, but modified,
( Pawel Olas is the author of "Treedesigner" plugin )
DP_Tree.p ( Interactive Tool ) -> PolyArea SubD Tree maker.
DP_Foliage.p ( Interactive Tool ) -> PolyArea Foliage/Leaves maker.
DP_Grass.p ( Interactive Tool ) -> PolyArea Weed/Grass/Hair maker.

DP_Growth.p -> Displacement plugin for animating the growth of a tree generated with DP_Tree, TreeCage.

Some virtual Trees : Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 -> String/Ropes from curves. -> Batch Image/Texture Mapping and Layout settings. ( Public ) -> Motions to Mesh-Trails. -> Write a second Weight Map, normalized to the first. -> Whole Object weight-coded in part for animating effect. -> Whole Object to separate layers for animating effect.
DiscontSelect.p -> Select Discountinuous UVmapped points.
MergeMappedPoints.p -> Merge points, even if their Morph map value are different.
ReSym.p -> Re-symmetrize the object mesh, for some alterations only.
BGWeight.p and BGWeightList.p -> Copy Background Weight Map using Normal projection.
WeightSaver.p and WeightLoader.p -> Save and Load Weight Map to/from file.
BlurWeight.p and BlurWeightList.p -> Blur Weight Maps.
SymWeight.p -> Symmetrize the Weight Map of an object, right to left an left to right.
BGMorph.p and BGMorphList.p -> Copy Background Morph Map using Normal projection.
BGPointFit.p -> Fit Foreground points to Background geometry.
SymMorph.p -> Symmetrize the Morph Map of an object, right to left an left to right.
new_M_TrigonsX.p -> Addition to Merge_TrigonsX, to respect discontinuous UV-map in the untriple function (plugin original from Yahma).
rename_uvmap.p -> For renaming an UV map from a command line.

Layout Handlers

Animation : and Shifter.p ( Public ) Animate extruded objects. ( Public ) TreeCage growing effect. -> Attribute Mass Particles motion to objects. -> Particle Emitter. -> Attribute (SP_Emitter) Particles motion to objects.
Suncolor (in Sunsky) ( Public ) Channel modifier to synchronize sun-light color and intensity with skylight shader.
MDD_Pointer.p ( Public ) Do same thing than MD_Plug, but reads MDD file per frame.
MDD_MetaPointer.p ( Public ) Do (almost) same thing than MD_MetaPlug, but reads MDD file per frame.
BDD_Player.p ( Public ) Loads and Plays BDD file, baked with rigid body dynamic HardFX.
PC2_Pointer.p ( Public ) Plays Pc2 file per frame, PointCache2 baked with MAX/MAYA/XSI.
MCC_Pointer.p ( Public ) Plays MCC file per frame, Autodesk PointCache baked with MAYA.
MDD_Emitter.p ( Public ) streaming of particles with a MDD file (Particle Scan).
MCC_Emitter.p ( Public ) streaming of Maya Cache particles with multi MCC files.
pointcache_scan.p ( Public ) Point motion baker which exports MDD/MCC/PC2 files.
BDD_scan.p ( Public ) Baker for rigid bodieswhich exports BDD files.
particle_scan.p ( Public ) Particle motion scan which save data in PFX or MDD files.
Animated_LimitedRegion.p -> Animate the Render region, for Layout only. -> Change surface of a sequenced object.

Procedural Textures :

RenderMan shaders converted as texture channels,
modified and enhanced for versatile layered composite texture.
All textures are now included in one plugin file, RmanCollect. They are also available as nodes for Lightwave3D 9, RmanNodeCollect,
without mapping limitations for 2D textures.
Thanks to Marvin Landis for precious help ( Author of Rapt plugin ),
and for Win64 compiles, and to Michael Wolf for Mac OSX compiles.

Complete Texture List ( Public )

Spiral Variable frequence.
Radial Number of rays and variable angle.
Penrose_Rhomb Rhombuses tiles (Penrose algorithm).
Stained Stained procedural texture.
Weaves Weaves procedural texture for cloth, basket.
Slates Slates procedural texture for roof.
Blocks Blocks procedural texture for wall.
Shape_Bomber Multi-Shape procedural texture for bombing surfaces.
Planks Planks procedural texture for straight and parquet.
Maze Maze procedural texture for labyrinths.
Pipes Pipes procedural texture for pipes, gutters and circuits.
Cells Cells procedural for cellular texturing.
WindyWave WindyWave procedural for animating water.
GardnerClouds Gardner Clouds procedural for volumetric clouds.
WavyWater WavyWater procedural for animating water and draped surfaces.
Rocks Rocks procedural for stone, rock.
Dunes Dunes procedural for sand beach and desert.
Image_Bomber Image_Bomber procedural for bombing an image.
Stained_Image Stained procedural texture for stained and mosaic from bitmap image.
Stones Stones procedural texture for grounds and walls.
Weather Weather procedural texture for clouds and planet atmosphere.
Skylight Skylight Procedural texture color for daylight sky.
Lyapunov Lyapunov Procedural texture for abstract fractal painting.
RainDrops Rain Drops Procedural texture for propagating drops, drips and trail on liquid surface.
ParticlePaint ParticlePaint Procedural texture to paint with particles.
MarkerPen MarkerPen Procedural texture for writing and drawing.
FlowNoise FlowNoise Procedural texture for waterfall, lava and clouds.

Sunsky ( Public ) A standalone advanced Skylight Texture, including, an Environment, Sky, Portal and Sun Lights.

Node Plugins (for Lightwave 9 and above):

DP Kit ( Public ) Additionnal Node Plugins:

Spline Map
Bump Normal
Scalar Bump
Normal Cast
Object Tangent
Vector Cast
Blur Filter
Curve Filter
Curve Gradient
Color Key
Save APS
Time Lag
Align To
Ray Intersect
Speed Time

Fast Skin
Relief Map
Light Group
Amb Occlusion
Color Bleed
Image Map
Dynamic AO


Layer Color+
Layer Scalar+
Layer Bump+
Layer Surface+
Layer Displacement+


Item Info
Channel Info
Bone Info
Point Info
Nearest Point
Particle Info
Motion Info

MDD Pointer
MDD MetaPointer
MCC Pointer
PC2 Pointer
MDD Cache
Vector Map
Poly Face
Poly Move
Part Move
Part Info
BDD Player
Spline Deformer

Node Volume
Node Texture
Node Item Motion
Node Channel Filter

DP Filter plugin module including,
Pixel Filter node editor
Image Filter node editor
RenderBuffer, LW Buffers in Pixel and Image Filter node editors.
ExtraBuffer, Store and Get Extra Buffer node from surfaces, to Pixel and Image Filter node editors.
Global 3D Shading in Pixel Filter node editor with 12 Global Buffers.
And the following nodes,
Buffer Mixer
Surface ID
Safe Mask
Mask Objects
Mask Surfaces
Depth To Pos
Tone Map
Fast Blur
SS Blur
Back Lit
( not distributed on this site )
Node Shader, node Editor for shader, with Spot Surface Node for input
from the classic Textures Layer Editor to node shader.

SVGMap node, texture mapping with the Scalable Vector Graphic format,
no distributable public version yet.
SVGMap Texture ( Public ) Texture version of SVGMap.

Camera Plugins for Lightwave 9:

Cushion_Camera.p ( Public ) Camera with Barrel and Pincushion distortion.
version 1 for LW9 and version 2 (ACT2) for LW9.2 ,DOF & new MotionBlur working.
RadialShift_Camera.p ( Public ) Camera with Barrel and Pincushion distortion.
for calibrated camera in LW9.2.

Volumetric Plugin for Lightwave 9.6:

DP_Instance.p ( Public ) Virtual clones, distribution of instances.

DP_MicroDisp.p ( Public ) Virtual geometry, displacement of micropolygons.

Input/Output for Compositing effects : convert LW motion to match with After-Effect ( Adobe ). convert After-Effect to match with LW. convert LW Camera/light to match with Terragen ( Planetside ).


Poser to LightWave Set of Tools
Import Human/Animal/Prop bodies and motions from Poser( Curious Labs ) in LightWave.

Studies for a complete Lscript collection,
loaders and tools for the Modeler and the Layout.
( not distributed )


Sample Poser Rig and IK system in LW.




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Copyright © 2000/2019 Denis Pontonnier.