Layout Lscript for Lightwave 3D

Growing_TreeCage version 1.0
Lscript RT DM layout
7.0B (2.4), 7.5 (2.5/2.5.1).
and 7.5c (2.6.1).


Description :

-Growing animation effect for TreeCage Mesh.

Usage :

-First you need a Polygon Tree (tri or quad base)
generated with
TreeCage Modeler Lscript.
(see below for notes about limitations)

-Toggle SubPatch ("Tab") before saving file in Modeler.

-Load it in Layout, open Object Property panel.

-Set "SubPatchLevel-Order" to "Last" or "After displacement".

-Add a Null (In lw 7.5, add slider as custom plugin).

-Add Growing_TreeCageDM Lscript as deform plugin
for the Tree, open lscript Property panel :

Reference Object : Select your Null.

-Then you need to enter manually following settings:

Segment : Idem TreeCage parameter.

Branch Division : "Side" & "Fork" -> 1
"Sym" -> 2
"Full" -> "Full"

Trunk Division : Idem TreeCage parameter.

Break Middle : Idem TreeCage parameter.

Trunk : Idem TreeCage parameter.

Octave : Idem TreeCage parameter.

Above parameters are required and must be correct.

Radius Scale : Radius Scale Factor for
starting with TreeCage object,
end Radius Scale Factor is always 100 %.

Bud Emergeance : Radius Scale Factor for starting
with emerging TreeCage segment,
75 % is a good default value,
this can be modified in relation with trunk or branch
fineness and subpatch-level.

-Now you can animate Tree and create key
for the Null or slider :

Null position X set to 0m = 0% start "Growing Tree".
Null position X set to 1m = 100% end "Growing Tree".

-Parameters are saved with scene file, you can reload it
directly, ready for rendering.

Notes about limitations :

-High octave increase display/render time !!!
-There are some limit with TreeCage parameter, you can't use :

-"Min Radius" other than zero.
-"Trunk"panel options.
-Incompleted tree doesn't work.

-TreeCage object "base points" (tri or quad)
must be left on the ground in Modeler.






Copyright © 2003 Denis Pontonnier.