Install notes:

If you have installed earlier single plugin version of these textures on your system,
you should remove them before adding RmanCollect plugin, instead, if you don't remember
all texture list and can't launch a texture, remove it from the "Edit Plugin" panel,
then re-add RmanCollect plugin.

A separate zip contains surface presets for classic textures,
extract those files in a "Surface Preset" directory :
...Lightwave [.]\Programs\Presets\Surface Editor\Surface Preset\WorkSpace
Samples are then accessible in Presets Window with opened Surface Editor.
There are also a few SkyTracer2 Presets which are zipped with relative path.

Thanks to Marvin Landis for his support and earlier win64 compiles,
Thanks to Michael Wolf for Mac CFM and earlier Universal Binary compiles.
UB are for Intel and PPC, 32-bit requires at least OSX 10.4, 64-bit at least 10.5 .



Download (Win32) Plugins
(Updated 05-05-20)

Download (Win64) Plugins
(Updated 05-05-20)

Download (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit) Plugins
(Updated 05-05-20)

Download (Mac CFM) Plugins
(Updated 11-02-07)



Download Texture Presets
(Updated 09-04-19)

Download Texture Documentation (no pictures)
(Updated 05-05-20)



Download (LW9 Win32) Nodes
(Updated 05-10-20)

Download (LW9 Win64) Nodes
(Updated 05-10-20)

Download (LW9 Mac UB 32 and 64-bit) Nodes
(Updated 05-10-20)

Download (LW9 Mac CFM) Nodes
(Updated 11-06-07)



Download (LW2018 Win64) Nodes
(Updated 05-11-20)

Download (LW2018 Mac UB 64-bit) Nodes
(Updated 05-11-20)





These plugins are freeware but donations are appreciated, thanks.






Copyright © 2020 Denis Pontonnier.