DP Text Gen for LightWave 3D

DP Text Gen plugin
LightWave 3D 9+

Plugin coded by Denis Pontonnier.






Description :

-DP Text Gen is a text generator for layered textures.
this texture uses Truetype font and can be applied in any layer.
It is based on the MSDFgen utility by Viktor Chlumsky.



Usage :

-In a Texture Layer select "DP Gen Text" in the procedural texture list.

-Load a "*.ttf" Truetype font, you may need to make a copy of the font in a "content"
folder for a practical access.

-Select a "Mode" for letter shape, among :
"Plain" for sharp letter,
"Contours", can be adjusted with an "Inner Threshold" and "Outer Threshold",
"Gradient", can be adjusted as well, also imperative choice for a Bump Layer.


-Use the default "Text" Type option or counter "Digit" Type.


"Digit" comes in several formats, from Timecode "hh:mm:ss:ff" to a single integer counter.

-"Offset/Time" without envelope will add a single offset in seconds to current time or
replace it with an enveloped time.


-Type a string of text in the "Text" field.
or load a "*.txt" text file with the requester, which has a priority over the "Text" field
(tabulations are ignored).

-Select a text "Alignment", "Left", "Right", "Centered" or a rough "Justified",
the plugin has no caesura dictionary, so text must be optimized for justification.

-With "Digit" counter Type, you can add text as "Prefix" or "Suffix", for both
check "Prefix" in "Text" field, separate them with the "*" character.

-Finally adjust the global text appearance with "Letter-Size", "Letter-Spacing" and "Line-Spacing".


-"Typing" is the percentage of displayed text, with an envelope, it is possible to animate
typing text, letter per letter.

Nodal Special inputs:
-"Inner" and "Outer" for animating these parameters.
-"SubText" index input for picking a subtext in a Text File formated with "*" character.

each group of line must start and end by a line with only a "*" character.
-"Char Index" input for replacing current character.
-"Shift Index" for shifting upper case, lower case or digit character (A + 2 = C, a + 2 = c, 1 + 2 = 3),
doesn't affect other characters.
-"FgColor" can be applied per letter/character/digit, the Character Info node can be used
to output an index per letter item.
-"Angle" input is a rotation angle applied per letter.
-"U Move", "V Move","U Scale" and "V Scale" inputs work in Letter UV space.

Notes :

-With the Truetype MSDF (Multi-channel Signed Distance Field) conversion,
letters are coded as bitmap image, but displayed smoothly on close-up view.

Some Font letters may have a resolution issue and rendered with artefacts,
also if current font like "Arial", "Times" characters are correctly rendered,
"Times-Italic" and mostly "Times-Bold-Italic" font letters like "j", "f" or "W"
are clipped with default settings.

-"Advanced" tab has several parameters for optimizing the MSDF conversion,
It is recommended to test them with problematic character ("@" is one of the largest)
with a 1 meter box and a "Letter-Size" of 100%,
adjust "Pixel Size", "Scale", "Left Offset" and "Bottom Offset",
make a try with problematic characters ("@" is one of largest),
re-select manually the Truetype font on the "Main" tab for updating the Texture.

-The default "ASCII" Char Set of DP Gen Text can display the following characters:
" !\"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\\]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~".
Characters not available in the Char Set are displayed as a fine square.
"Ext.ASCII" for Extented ASCII Charset add the next 128 unicode characters including
several special and accented letters, also slower to updtate.

Further notes :

-If this Texture is used directly in an Image Filter as pre or post process,
the rendered letters will be aliased, needing an antialiasing filter or
to be over-sized, also not multi-threaded, so slower to render.


-Copyright and license for Viktor Chlumsky's MSDFGen included in the readme file.



Download DP Text Gen:

Download v1.5 (Win32) DP_TextGen_x32.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)
Download v1.5 (Win64) DP_TextGen_x64.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)
Download v1.5 (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit) DP_TextGen_UB.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)


Node versions ror Lightwave 11->2015:
Download Node v1.71 (Win32) DP_TextGenNode_x32.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)
Download Node v1.71 (Win64) DP_TextGenNode_x64.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)
Download Node v1.71 (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit) DP_TextGenNode_UB.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)


Node versions ror Lightwave 2018+:
Download Node v1.71 (Win64) DP_TextGenNode_2018.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)
Download Node v1.71 (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit) DP_TextGenNode_2018_UB.zip
(Updated 05/29/20)


Download Countdown preset with modified DS-Digital TTF font:
(Updated 03/16/20)



These plugins are freeware but donations are appreciated, thanks.








Copyright © 2020 Denis Pontonnier. Denis.Pontonnier@wanadoo.fr