Camera Plugin for LightWave 3D

Cushion Camera

Camera plugin
LightWave 3D 9.0 et 9.3 (version 2)
Coded by Denis Pontonnier.
x64 version compiled by Marvin Landis.
Mac UB version compiled by Michael Wolf.
UB are for Intel and PPC, 32-bit requires at least OSX 10.4, 64-bit at least 10.5 .


Description :

-Analogic image distortion for wide angle.

Usage :

-Adjust "Barrel" (positive) or "Pincushion" (negative) for both U and V axis.

Note about version 1 and LW 9.0:

-Builtin Lightwave Depth Of Field doesn't work with Cushion Camera.
-If you are using LW 9.2 this first version will not work,
see the version 2 below .





Download (Win32)
(updated 04/27/07)
Download (Win64)

(updated 04/27/07)



Version 2 for LW 9.3+ (ACT 2.0):

-Works with new Motion Blur and Depth Of Field introduced with
"Advanced Camera Tool" version 2.0 in Lightwave 9.2.
When enabled, MB and DOF can be previewed in the Camera viewport.

-"Vignetting" is for simulating radiance in the lens system,
Vignetting is not the proper name for this effect, it looks like
the "Irradiance Falloff" of LW Real Lens Camera but here this is only
an analogic filter.

-"ZoomFactor" and "Vignetting" are not shared with other cameras, but
parameters and/or envelopes are stored if you select another camera.




Download (Win32)
(updated 12/30/15)
Download (Win64)
(updated 12/30/15)
Download (Mac UB 32 and 64-bit)
(updated 02/02/11)



These plugins are freeware but donations are appreciated, thanks.



Copyright © 2015 Denis Pontonnier.