Layout Lscript for LightWave 3D

BoneSetManager version 1.7

"Pose/Motion Library Tool" for boned object
Lscript RT Master
7.5 & 7.5b, 8.0+ ( Lscript 2.5.1 ).

Manual :

-All detailed explanations online BoneSetManager Manual v 1.7 .

Description :

Bone Set Library with copy/paste function.

-Pose capture process for selected boned object in the scene and selected Bone Set.

-This is a rudimentary motion-scanner but fastest to compose skeleton animation.

What's new in v 1.5 :

-BoneSetManager is a master lscript now, with non modal panel, so layout and your scene are still accessible, without closing BoneSetManager.

-Added channel for boned object itself, Selected boned object will be always named as "BODY", in Set Editor and Pose Set Editor.

What's new in v 1.6 :

-Some Bugs fixed, as updating squeleton in scene, changing directory, and storing parameters when editing sets...

What's new in v 1.7 :

-Some Bugs fixed...
-"Inv L/R" changed : "0" no inverse
"1" same vector for inversing rotation as previous version (<-1,1,-1>),
"2" new vector for inversing rotation (<1,-1,-1>), because some rigs have different
pivot rotation settings, so heading and pitch are permuted!
See old BSM doc for complete explanation.

Note :

-BSM is quasi-unusable when loaded within a scene file, so if you get error in this case, remove BSM and re-launch it for safe use!


 Download ( 52 k ) ( updated 05/16/05 )

Download ( 133 k )



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