Master Plugin for LightWave 3D

Plugin coded by Denis Pontonnier.
x64 version compiled by Marvin Landis.
Mac UB version compiled by Michael Wolf.

Animated Limited Region
Intel Master plugin
LightWave3D 7.5 & 9.0+

Description :

-An Animated LimitedRegion Master plugin,
to animate pixel position of the Limited Region in Layout.Usage :

-Select "Borders" or "No Border" option or Disable.

-Position the timeline cursor on a frame, modify the Limited Region,
use the "Create Key" button to record it.

-Plugin instance and settings can copied in another scene.

Limitation :

-Do not work in LWSN/Screamernet.


Download (Intel Win32)

Download (Intel Win64)

Download (Mac UB)


Download (Intel Win64)







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