The round of seasons and its animal totem

Short film documentary-animation 52mn
Directed by Denis Pontonnier





The film "The round of seasons and its animal totem",
refers to a dance and an educational game for the children.
A year goes by in and around a gothic cathedral,
in the vicinity of facetious animals,
such as the kestrel nesting on the site.



Half of this film is made up of calculated animation sequences
from a 3D model of Bourges cathedral and its environment.
This model was created from a few tens of thousands of photos
taken on the ground, using a photogrammetry process, then a retopography work,
intended to improve, lighten each part in several resolutions,
integrating textures, lights and animations.
This preparation to be able to calculate the images on a single computer.
required about three years of work.



The writing focused on the possibility of including anecdotes
and scenes already observed or inspired by photos published
in the local press or on websites, such as those discribing
kestrels and other more common local animals.
The different people frequenting or discovering the site
and its surroundings being seized naturally,
contemplative or not, by filtering as much as possible the events
or the noises of the city.
The seasons, the light and the atmospheres had to be both
captured by the camera, and reconstructed in the virtual sequences.



The actual images were shot for approximately
a year and a half, sequences shot discreetly, during the 3D rendering,
for inspiring new animated elements to insert into virtual images.



The film received an operating visa from the CNC, classified for all audiences
registered in the catalog of documentaries Ardèche Image
and in the catalog of short movies UNIFRANCE.
distributed by the author and director, having all rights,
it is available on DCP 2K cinema copy or HD video copy.





Full version of the film, on Vimeo.




Interview and Making-Of:
3DVF Magazine.
Bob Grouthuis Magazine.



Contact: Denis.Pontonnier@wanadoo.fr








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